Where to Go Fishing?

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Where to Go Fishing In Savannah Georgia

Fishing is a favorite sport in the Savannah region, mainly because of the presence of numerous rivers and being just a couple of miles away from the Atlantic Ocean. With the city experiencing a mild climate, fishing fanatics enjoy fishing throughout the year. Among the most popular fish species include; the trout, cobia, and snapper. Savannah boasts of numerous fishing destinations suitable for both family and solo fishing escapades. Below is a compilation of the most notable fishing destinations in Savannah.

1. Lake Mayer Park

The 35-acre Lake Mayer gives inhabitants and visitors alike a chance to catch a variety of fish species like the panfish and the bass. Lake Mayers is among the few small public lakes open for fishing albeit under the governance of Chatham County Public Works and Park Services. Additional fishing options are available at Tom Triplett, Loius Scott Stell, and the Frank Williamson Lakes. In spite of its modest size, Lake Mayer boasts of a plethora of fish thanks to regular restocking by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The largemouth bass is prevalent in this lake. The most commonly caught fish weigh two to three-pounds though there are reports of 10-pound Bass being caught. Also Lake Mayer harbors a diverse populace of panfish species, including redear sunfish, channel catfish, and the bluegill crappie.

2. Bull River Marina

Located in the East Coast’s largest estuary, the Bull River Marina fishing just takes your breath away. Luckily fishing enthusiasts get to engage in their favorite past time all year round aided by the calm sea and favorable climate. The available fish species vary with seasons. Bring lunch and six-pack of your favorite beer. The charter services will store in a cooler as wait to toast your success. Red Drum fish (also known as Spot Tailed Bass or Redfish) become active once the weather starts getting warm. Redfish vary from plate size to trophy photo sizes. Baited minnows or shrimp and light tackle are enough to lure these conniving feeders from their concealed habitats in the backwaters, inlets, and creek mouths.

In addition to the Spot Tailed Bass, sharks are a cherished summer prey in this area. As water temperatures soar, sharks move deeper to procreate and feed in the nutrient-laden outflows in and around the islands.

Nothing beats the feeling of bringing up a shark!

Boat charters both full and half-board re captained by a USGC-certified expert fishing expert.

3. Tom Triplet Park

If searching for a serene fishing place to break the daily monotony of the city life, look no further than Top Triplet Park. Boasting a beautiful lake with a glut of fish species, this park is an ideal place for fishing zealots. The hospitable nature of the Tom Triplet Park staff ensures both visitors and locals get on with their activities knowing they’ve some to turn to for assistance should a need arise.