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What is the Best Fishing Rod and Reel for a Beginner?

Spin fishing

If you are just taking up fishing for the first time, then you will obviously have to go out and buy the right equipment. Which rod and reel you use really depends on what type of fishing you intend to do, and there is some equipment that is specially designed for beginners. Walking into your local fishing and tackle store you will probably be bewildered at the options in front of you, there are literally thousands of different rods and reels on the market. The best advice is to ask the store owner what is the best combination rod and reel that he thinks would suit a beginner, that of course fits your budget.

Spinning Combos

Spin fishing is fairly easy to grasp, but when you first start it is a great idea to opt for a rod and reel spinning combination. The styles of both pieces of equipment are matched and purposely designed to complement one another when going spin fishing. The reel used in spin fishing has an open face with and exposed spool, and there is also a piece of metal called a bail that feeds the line through. The reel is fixed face down and the guides will glide into the fixing on the rod as they will be perfectly matched.

Baitcasting Combos

Spin reels are not the only style of fishing reel that are available. Various other types of reels that suit different types of rods are on the market for fishing such as baitcasting. A popular combo for this type of fishing are for the sole purpose of fishing for Bass. You should avoid these types of combos as they really restrict the type of fishing you can partake in. A standard baitcasting combination of rod and reel is adequate enough for going Bass fishing as well, although will not be quite as good. A good spinning combo will also suffice for this type of fishing.

Best Size of Rods for a Beginner

The optimum rod length for an average adult is six and a half feet. And you should also opt for a medium-type rod action. Armed with this combo you will find that you can fish for most saltwater and freshwater fish. When you progress to a specific type of fishing you can always upgrade your rod and reel and use the old combo as a backup for more general fishing. The rod is measured from the butt end to the very tip, and you will find that longer rods can cast a line out further than shorter ones. As for the rod action the more powerful you have enables you to catch bigger fish.

Action and Power

When it comes to fishing rods action is different to power. The action of the rod is basically the bend from the blank to the tip, and the power is generated from the material and thickness of the rod. Armed will all this information you can now go confidently into your local fishing store and purchase your first rod and reel combination.