Where to Go Fishing?

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Water Sports to Try in Savannah

Savannah has a very rich and interesting history. It is known that it is the first planned city from the US and you can still admire the old colonial style found in this amazing city. Georgia itself is one of the oldest states, and it is full of historic sites and museums that tell the story of the first days of the US. The area is perfect for a family vacation because it has all sorts of activities. Being located right near water, Savannah naturally has many water activities that are suitable for the whole family. But choosing the right one can be quite challenging, especially if you are visiting the area for the first time. We have selected some of the best water sports to try and make your vacation even more pleasant.

Boat Riding

Boat riding is probably one of the most family friendly activities. You can rent a boat if you have a license and explore the beautiful surroundings. If you don’t have a license, you can always go on one of the available tours. It is a very simple method to explore the surroundings while the breeze is touching your skin. It is perfect as a family activity, and the children will definitely have lots of fun while observing the nature and wildlife.


Fishing is another great water activity available here. Georgia is abundant with many species of fish and this can be easily seen in the local cuisine. You can choose to go fishing on one of the shores or you can rent a boat to go further on the water. There are countless places where you can find a boat, and fishing shops are all over Savannah. You don’t have to bring your own equipment, there are also many rentals where you can get everything you need. It is a very relaxing activity and there are also many public grills where you can cook the fish you catch. But you definitely have to take into consideration that there are some periods when fishing is prohibited due to the mating season. The ticket for fishing illegally is very high because this place tries to preserve the wildlife as much as possible.


Kayaking is another fun activity to do that requires minimal skills. You will find many places that rent kayaks, and there are also schools where you can learn this sport. The water here is very calm, and this makes kayaking a fun activity for the whole family. We advise you to take some lessons at first and to wear protection equipment in order to avoid any incidents.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is an amazing thing to do while being here. Georgia is known for having an amazing wildlife and there are many boat companies that know exactly where the playground of the dolphins is. It is simply amazing to watch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, it can’t even be compared with the experience you get at an aquarium.