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Vital fishing equipment for starters – Part 2


There is one common thing among people who love fishing and it is talking about the whole process and what they managed to pull from the water. To get to know more about the good fishing spots, find someone who is interested in fishing as much as you and share your stories. But on that note, do not be too specific, as some fishermen are not keen on revealing the great fishing areas they know of. In the second part of the articles about vital fishing equipment, we are going to review what bait to use, discuss lures, fish finder and what tackle bag to carry.

Live bait

For most of the fishermen, love for fishing started with using live bait to catch fish. Nightcrawler is a type of a live bait that is often used by new and experienced fishermen, it is universal. Every fish in the water will eat a nightcrawler.For species like bass, it is recommended to use live shiners. They are a little baitfish that bass cannot refuse and will likely attract a bigger number of them to the same spot. To hook a live shiner, you have to do it through its back and gently push it forward.


For people who want to take on fishing as a hobby, it is advisable to try it out with live bait, but when that becomes boring, it is time to try out lures. There are different colours and styles of lures, also, various manufacturers, but as you are trying it out for the first time, common and simple lure would be a good fit. Fishes that feed themselves searching for food on the surface are better caught using baits that remain on top of the water. The simplest lure is called whopper plopper. It has a very easy method of how to prepare and use them. Just take them out, pour it, let the water stay calm for a bit and when the lures pop the surface, start reeling in. Sometimes you might have to add additional twitches or change the speed when retrieving it for better success rate.

Fish finder device

It is not a necessity when fishing for the first time, but nowadays, in modern fishing strategy, people use wireless fish finders to help them detect their catch. It brings an advantage to the activity of fishing when you are struggling to catch fishes with live bait or lures. The devices can see underwater when fishes are around the area and it receives a signal when possible catch is within reach. Due to their popularity, you can get them at an affordable price in many electronic stores.

Tackle bag

The last item on our list is the tackle bag. It is important to have one because without organizing your equipment, some things might get lost. All your hooks, lines, baits and lures can be put in a different section in your bag, so you can find anything you look for easily and without stress, as, for example, lines and hooks won’t get mixed. The bag can be a small or a big one, it depends on your fishing skill and equipment you are looking to carry.


Tackle bag

Tackle bag