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Vital fishing equipment for starters – Part 1

fishing equipment

If you are keen to start fishing and never tried it, we are here to introduce you to the vital equipment you will need to get started. When entering the retail shop and looking over fishing products, it might be a bit confusing and scary to decide what to get for the first time. There can be various options to choose from, from fishing tackle to bait. The equipment and bits you need for fishing might be quite expensive but let us present you some essential gear you will need to start with.

Rod & Reel

When starting any new hobby, selecting new gear and equipment might be worrying when you do not have any knowledge about it. For fishing, it is important to get a specific rod and reel. They depend on the fishing style. However, if it is your first time, a tip would be to keep it as simple as you can get. Try to look for various rod combinations that will give you much easier introduction to fishing. In the store, you can find simple rods that weight from 3kg to 9kg and it will be a great start for your hobby. With this gear, you can definitely catch various species of fishes located in rivers and lakes. Also, look for ones with the spinning reels. Before buying it, take a closer look at its price and make sure it’s a perfect fit for your taste.


In today’s modern fishing, there are fishing lines made from different materials and measurements. If the diameter of the line is larger, that means the line itself will be stronger and will last longer. If you want to pull bigger fishes, you have to think about the details. For example, the material and design of a line matters a lot. Braided ones are thin and capable of taking more weight, fluorocarbon lines can be invisible when you fish and it would benefit you because fishes would not be able to see it.  Even though there are many different designs of lines, for the first time, as we mentioned, try to keep it simple and look for monofilament (made from simple fiber or plastic).



There are only 3 different fishing tackles for beginners that should be considered. You have to get weights, floats and hooks.Weights are very important to the whole fishing process. Without them, it would not be possible to keep the bait underwater. By putting less or more weight, you can decide what fishes you want to reach. For the first time, get a simple split shot weight. It is usually cheap and easy to set up. Floats have to be the most important piece of fishing equipment. How else you would know where your hook is and when to reel it in? It helps you to follow and indicates when a fish is attracted by your bait. You can get any sort of float you want, but do not get any large ones, since it might scare the fishes. Hooks that you should not be snelled. Do not forget to buy proper ones, as well. Search for a sharp and long lasting hook.