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The History of Savannah, Georgia


Savannah is probably the most popular city in the whole Georgia state. It manages to attract millions of tourists every year with its beauty and history. It is a very beautiful place to live in and to visit. It definitely has something to offer to anybody and a visit here can be easily transformed into a family vacation. The Southern states are renowned for their hospitality and this city like to preserve this belief. The architecture found here attracts many artists that come here to be inspired by the old colonial homes. Many people appreciate this city but there are only few that know the interesting story behind this marvelous city. We have listed some of the key moments in the development of this city in order to better understand the history of this place.  The oldest recording comes from 1733 and it states that an English ship with only 120 passengers arrived here in order to establish a new colony. The purpose of this trip was to offer a place to go to for the poor English people that wanted a new start. The location was chosen thanks to the abundance of resources, but the decision was also political. This new colony would serve as a holding area between the older English colonies and the area dominated by the Spanish.

Little about Oglethorpe

Oglethorpe, the captain that brought the colonists here, managed to become friends with one of the Indian chiefs, Tomochichi. They got along very well and pledged to have a good relationship. This allowed this city to flourish without any warfare with the locals. At first, the colonists were allowed to do as they pleased, but rum, lawyers and slaves were forbidden for a time. This was set into place to establish order in the young city.

First Planned City

Savannah is known to be the first planned city in the US. Oglethorpe conceive a plan of the future city that would include parks, streets and administration buildings. This was also very important for the rapid development of the place. After the American Revolution the colonists discovered that the soil was very rich, and they decided to plant cotton and rice. And this led to the arrival of the first slaves. Savannah, the free colony, was now importing countless slaves from Africa. This is the place where the mixed culture of Gullah appeared for the first time.

Cotton Exchange

The city became so influential that most of the world cotton prices were decided just outside the cotton exchange. During the Civil war, Savannah was captured and given as a “symbolic” Christmas present to president Lincoln. The city was then reconstructed, and this led to the multitude of styles we see today. The economy was affected very much, especially by the Great Depression when the price of cotton dropped at its lowest. After WWII Savannah managed to bounce back and now it is one of the main economic and tourist centers from Southern US. The city will continue to amaze us with its architecture and stories.

Cotton Exchange

Cotton Exchange