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Stay in Style – Part 3

Stay in Style 3

The historic district is the place to be in Savannah, which is why so many hotels decide to plant their feet within the boundaries here. Close to the sights, sounds and all the excitement of the markets and nightlife, hotels all want their guests to be right amongst the action, and the Bohemian Hotel is one of them. Although this luxurious destination doesn’t exactly align with the people of its namesake who live a life of minimal materialism, here their choice of materials and thoughtful interior gives a sense of something a little rough around the edges without losing its elegance. Rooms, hallways and open areas can all be found slathered in variations of brass, leather and wood bringing a brown and gold hue to every corner that purveys not only wealth but the passing of time. Faux fur toppers and textured headboards all gel with their dark marble worktops in providing an overwhelming sense that you are somewhere old, special and storied, and if the inside doesn’t convince you enough all you need to do is head to the roof. Up here their bar opens up to a balcony area that has a stunning view of the river. The scope and proximity of the water is marvelous and makes for a beautiful end to any day. If you really don’t want to stop staring, river view rooms are also available here as are standard features like their gym and free wifi, as well as exceptional feature like their one of a kind art pieces.

Among so many of the dark and monochrome interiors that several other places take onboard, wary that too much colour may come across as garish and unsightly, Hotel Indigo gladly adds a vibrant splash of something different. Though it may not be up at the top of the list for the most sought after locations it still holds its own amongst its competitors and has fun doing so. Once again in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Savannah and a mere walk to the river, this new boutique is housed inside the Guckenheimer Building which used to be referred to as the ‘Grand” Lady on the Bay’. Guests can expect all of the necessary staples of a hotel here without them going overboard, the difference inside here is that the feel is brighter, livelier and more friendly. When it comes to dining here, they also have something else up their sleeve, featuring their Five Oaks Taproom, which serves not just a range of on-tap Georgia-only beers but also a tasty selection of southern foods. Modernised and fancifully styled, here you can dine on a mixture of dishes that combine spice with seafood and the hearty and filling starches that make up the base of southern cooking. There is nothing lacking about the features here, its destination, rooms views, food and more are all delightful which makes this place a great catch for those who want to get a rich Savannah experience without having to be, well, rich.