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Stay in Style – Part 2


With inviting shared guest areas such as their dining space and their large set of poolside soft loungers, the true advantage that gests gain from staying in Perry Lane Hotel is their view of Savannah. There is plenty to do on the open rooftops here, active or inactive, and to maximise the southern weather the aforementioned swimming area is out in the open so you can soak up some sun while you splash around. Balconies with comfy and cool seats and rooftop gardens also add to the available space up high that allows you to see Savannah from an angle that few often will.  Here you can spy the sights from the area such as the winding river, the iconic spire of the church, and the markets of the town. The historic Savannah theatre is also unmissable as it sits adjacent to the building with its neon sign lighting up the darkness when night falls. Whether you choose to bake in the summer heat, or wrap up warm and come to view the warm glow of the town on winter nights, you wont be disappointed with the stunning panoramas here. Inside the rooms are modestly sized and delicately dressed, amenities inside the hotel also include a gym and its own café, ideal for grabbing a snack and a drink before you head to the top floor again.

Sat on the corner of the historic district and a stones throw away from the Savannah river is The Kimpton Brice – slick and up to date hotel. Designed with a very particular feel in mind, the use of matte blacks on the furnishings here subtly assure guests that there is an air of class within its walls, which isn’t at all misleading. With swanky seats, paintings and lighting meeting their high standards throughout the lobby all the way up to the rooms, visitors both old and young will find something to love here. This location has its own Italian restaurant and bar by the name of Pacci, where they offer not only classic Mediterranean foods but bright, colourful and inventive culinary creations. They are also very supportive of those with more modern lifestyles, and are happy to help those who are environmentally conscious. Yoga mats are provided with every room for those keen to disconnect at night or stretch in the morning, and Tesla charging stations are available for guests with electric vehicles. They even went to the effort to create custom designed bikes for those who want to both stay fit and who want to get around Savannah in a more classic way. The bikes are designed to look like the old frames that gentlemen and women would have rode on in the past, bringing a fun novelty and a nod to the days gone by – just be wary of the cobbles. On top of all of this in room spa treatments and complimentary tea and coffee service make this place ideal for a contemporary looking to take in some history.