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Stay in Style – Part 1

Stay in Style

You may have heard of concept art or concept cars, well right in the middle of Savannah is a concept hotel (Andaz Savannah) brought to you by the well-established chain Hyatt. This modern home away from home can be clearly seen by its dark glass fronted corners on its exterior, making a striking contrast amongst the sea of stone and brickwork that makes up much of the towns buildings. As you may expect from such a brand all of your needs are catered to, there is a perpetually staffed front desk, valet parking a bar on site and a Jacuzzi and Spa. What makes this place so different is the stylised designs of the rooms which focus on homely living spaces without compromising on bold aesthetics. Open seating areas with rounded sofas in studio style rooms make you feel like you are living in the big city without all the hassle. Additionally you can choose to dine here in their restaurant or simply stop off at the café on the way in or out of your room. This 4-star hotel is situated just steps away from Ellis Square so you can rest assured that you aren’t far from the heart of the action, this place is perfect for those who want to return to the 21st century after a day full of history.

Mansion On Forsyth Park prides itself on not just being a hotel but being a location of entertainment and education. With luxury accommodation that features grand beds and marbled bathrooms, the little extras here are just as exciting such as the spa baths, Bose radio/alarms and the in-room Starbucks for all the coffee fiends. Even though you will feel practically regal in your room with all the class of a castle and all the up to date features of a modern hotel, the rest of this spacious building has plenty more to explore.


In its lounge area there is often live music played upon its one-of-a-kind Bösendorfer piano by local artists, where jazz nights occur and expert musicians and curators pipe a mix of the best sounds right into each room for a different range of moods. If you are a fan of walking through galleries, the mansion boasts its own collection of acquired art and offers guided tours through its selection of local artworks that are framed around the many walls of the hotel. Those really looking to unwind however will want to make their way down to the Poseidon spa where a selection of treatments await guests. Here in this peaceful, low-lit, sea blue corner of the house you can come solo or in groups to not just be pampered but learn about how you can continue to adopt these healthy and beautifying practices at home. Similarly at 700 Drayton; their restaurant you can dine on artfully prepared dishes that will excite your taste buds, but you don’t have to stop here, as cooking classes are also available here. The Mansion is one of very few hotels, which you can happily spend an entire day inside without ever needing to leave.