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Spooky Savannah – Part 3

Spooky Savannah - Part 3

Joining the line up of houses you wouldn’t want to be left alone in at night is the Owens-Thomas House. This building like many others serves as a relic, remaining intact and carrying through time the harrowing events of the past that Savannah is known for keeping fairly persevered. Unsurprisingly for a building of this nature, throughout the 19th Century the house was passed from one wealthy owner to the next, today it exists as a museum where visitors can work there way through the troubled walls that have seen many a tragedy. One of the most disturbing yet iconic events of the south was the abundance of slavery. The Owens-Thomas house has inside it one of the oldest urban slave quarters that remains largely intact. Here visitors can experience first hand what it would be like to live in these inhumane conditions. And if the existence of people living in this room isn’t unsettling enough, the likelihood of the dead still lingering remains off the charts. Down here the ceiling is painted a very specific colour, ‘haint blue’ covers the boards here because even during the house’s operation people were convinced that spirits lurked here.

The colour is supposed to prevent phantoms from acting out upon those who lived here, but unfortunately there isn’t enough haint blue to cover the whole building, which explains the reports. A woman in grey who roams the gardens, a smoker who brings the smell of burning tobacco messy dining room poltergeists and more are all part of the increased activity here. Visitors on ghost tours should bring cameras as a few spooky Polaroids have managed to capture glimpses into the beyond here on more than one occasion.

Not all of the buildings in Savannah remain as they were when they were built. Thanks to natural disasters, change of ownership and other reasons, things do move around (as do some of the buildings). One modernized location that actually takes up the land that originally had 3 buildings is the 17hundred90. This respectable hotel is a well visited haunted destination, visitors keen to be spooked should aim for the top floor or in particular room 204 which has its own resident ghost – nicknamed Anne. It is alleged that Anne is one of the previous residents who lost her husband in a riding accident. Reports claim that at one time a woman was seen throwing herself from the building that used to occupy the space where the hotel now sits. Regardless of who the spirit is, they still remain very active in their disruption of guest’s belongings.

Recent visitors have discovered items moved, operated, broken or gone missing entirely with no explanation. Those who stay over in the fabled room 204 have felt the presence of Anne and even heard hear sobbing in the dead of night. Along with this there are also rumours that one of the now deceased cooks who worked the kitchens here also worked with voodoo, giving further reason behind the creepy goings on in both the kitchen and the guest rooms. 17hundred90 adds another spine-chilling location to Savannahs historical district that ghost hunters will not want to miss.