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Spooky Savannah – Part 2

Spooky Savannah - Part 2

A favourite tourist attraction in Savannah is The Pirates House. The novelty of this restaurant that used to be a genuine tavern brings people form far and wide who love the idea of enjoying themselves in the same place that swashbucklers of years gone by would have rested their peg legs. Inside rare pages of Treasure Island adorn the plank covered walls that pay homage to the infamous shipmen that traveled here. But of course, pirating wasn’t all smart-talking parrots and looking for treasure, the true nature of the scoundrels of the sea still haunt this fabled location today. Said to be the oldest building in Georgia, this building that was first erected in the mid 1700’s was avoided in its early years.

This was due to its reputation as a spot where people were shanghaied, forcibly becoming a part of a ship crew they could never leave. This may well have been executed by carrying drugged and/or beaten men through the tunnels which are now blocked, probably in part to the sound of ghostly wails that was reported echoing through them. Those who are keen to witness such happenings can visit at night when the sounds of boots stomping and dark figures have been known to make appearances.

After your meal of fish and chills, why not head over to lay your head uncomfortably at the Marshall House Hotel. Built in 1851 as a hotel, this great brick building has actually been used as a hospital more than once, which as you can imagine makes for the basis for much of its unexplainable phenomena. Those injured from the war who did not survive no doubt are the same figures who wander the hallways, along with those who fell victim to yellow fever. In fact, some rooms today still harbor a stench that will not seem to disappear, despite the origin of it never surfacing.

During the restoration of the hotel in the 90’s builders came across some human remains, which begs the question – are there other bodies stashed somewhere in its many rooms?

Among the many reports of paranormal events here many of them seem to be very active, so prepare yourself for a sleepless night if you brave a stay here. Taps that turn themselves on, erratic electricity and toilets overflowing are just some of the more passive accounts of oddness here. On the other end of the scale the sound of children is also present here, though the bodies of the voices are rarely seen, if you do interact with one though beware. Several accounts of a young boy have surfaced from guests, he appears in rooms and has a tendency to brutally bite people in ways that alone defy explanation. The Marshall House Hotel did not get its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah for no reason, so if you want to experience a truly sleepless night thanks to the spirits of the dead this thrice hospital is a terrifyingly good pick.