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Spooky Savannah – Part 1

Spooky Savannah

You only need to take one look at the city of Savannah to recognize that within its boundaries lies great history. The restored buildings of old and others that have remained generally intact fill the city streets with lavish decoration and great size. Anyone who travels around the city at night however will see these regal looking buildings become something else entirely as Savannahs past rises up again. Obviously, this doesn’t happen everywhere every night, but if you are into chasing down specters then why not start here.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn is a great place to feel the spooky vibes. This 17 room mansion was built in 1873 and has therefore seen many things of its own. Brought into popularity by the novel ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ by John Berendt, the goings on within these walls can be experienced by visitors on one of the many Halloween Ghost Tours in the area. This was the first house in the city to have working electrics and so happens in the first houses to install such features, odd goings on appear around the circuitry. But this old system can’t explain the other ghostly goings on that have been reported in the many moonlit nights that have passed. One of the stories that strikes fear into visitors is the one of the billiard balls. Banished to their rooms during the grand and frequent parties of their parents, the young girls who lived here would find ways to try and gain access to the parties.

One of their tactics was to roll billiard balls down the stairs. This supposed accident would mean that they could sneak down to retrieve them while getting a peek at what was happening beneath them. Unfortunately, on one occasion, one of the girls stepped too close to the edge at the top of the staircase and fell to her untimely death. Recent visits to the Inn looking for paranormal activity have reported the sounds of children laughing as well as billiard balls rolling around all on their own. If this isn’t enough to unhinge your nerves, gunshots have been heard at the house when it has been vacant and there are even rumours that the late owner Dr Turner used to perform autopsies in the basement. This could explain the many reports of bizarre noises, bloodied stains and crystal clear footsteps that seem to haunt the hallways and even the bedrooms of this creepy home.

If this isn’t enough reason for the house to go down in the spooky hall of fame, the Hamilton-Turner Inn  is also thought to be the early inspiration for the Haunted Mansion. Walt Disney himself is said to have sat and sketched out the building, which is why its proportions and architecture may seem eerily familiar. Its true that Disney was scoping the area at one point as Hutchinson Island, which lies off the coast of Savannah was an early proposed location for Disney World. So, if you want to experience the real-life haunted mansion with all the ghouls and ghosts and none of the safety harnesses book a tour today.