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SCAD Film Festival – Part 2


John Krasinski is probably most well known for his appearance in the American adaptation of much-loved British sitcom The Office where he played the sarcastic but likeable Jim. In his most recent on screen venture he takes a step behind the camera in his directional debut A Quiet Place which he also co wrote. With himself and his real-life spouse (SCAD honoree Emily Blunt) in the leading roles, Krasinksi takes up a premise that is about as far from the laughs and giggles of the office that he could get. The story centers on a small family who have to cope with the drastic changes that come about when the earth is taken over by a race of monsters that hunt with sound.

Seemingly coming out of nowhere these creatures wipe out entire countries of people caught up in the noise of their modern urban environments. Keen to survive the Abbott family take a dangerous journey out to the country to live out an existence in almost complete silence, made all the more extraneous thanks to their daughter being deaf. This inventive edge of your seat puts a new spin on the jump-scare horrors of recent as virtually all sound here rouses anxiety in the audience. Krazinski and Blunt make for an excellent pair on screen as they tip toe around danger here, making this creative couple incredibly worthy esteemed guests at this years Film Festival, with A Quiet Place itself being screened during the week.

The multi talented line up continues to astound, and yet there may be nobody on the honoree list more acclaimed than Golden Globe and Tony Award winning Australian Hugh Jackman. Audiences of almost every kind will no doubt have crossed paths with this chiseled thespian as he has been on screens almost constantly since his roles turned him into a multi national star the early 2000’s. The role in question is the immortalized Wolverine. Based on the gruff and nigh on invincible Canadian from the pages of Marvel Comics, Jackman’s on screen performance as Logan is now so iconic that fans are struggling to part with the idea that he may be recast. After appearing as the mutant with the Adamantium skeleton on screen 6 times now, its no wonder people cant get Hugh and his 6 claws out of their heads. In the latest and more mature outing simply titled Logan, Wolverine is seen in an even more brutal fashion as he goes into berserker rages cutting up bodies left and right in this grim future tale.

However morbid and intense Wolverine can get, this Academy Award nominated actor is not a one trick pony. Wowing audiences with his musical capabilities, Hugh also took his skills to musical numbers Les Miserables and more recently The Greatest Showman, proving that he has more to offer than brooding. Working alongside incredible directors and actors, Hugh has films such as The Prestige, Prisoners and Swordfish all on his credits. His varied showreel will no doubt be inspiring for all guests and students as he makes his appearance at SCUD this year.