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SCAD Film Festival – Part 1


The Savannah College of Art and Design, also known as SCAD is a remarkable non profit organisation. This university with its thousands of students from all over the globe come to enjoy its high quality and high success creative classes. With an astonishing 99% employment rate, those looking to head into the creative arts have a concrete foot in the door when they choose SCAD. Along with its many proven classes and the higher education qualifications that are achieved by students, what SCAD also boasts is its connections. As they say its not what you know but who you know, and SCAD has almost unlimited networking potential, tapping its resources for famed directors, actors and costume designers is an sure fire way to find shortcuts onto the big screen. At the end of October, the college turns up the volume and makes a huge noise all across Savannah as its annual film festival puts the spotlight on film and utilizes the opportunity to show off its greatest achievements in the form of some of its alumni.

The films and presentations will take place at several destinations as one cinema just simply isn’t enough to house all that the festival has to offer. The Lucas Theatre for the Arts, the Trustees Theater, the Gutstein Gallery and the SCAD Museum of Art will all be home to the events of the festival. But those who are planning to visit don’t have to worry about losing their way, the festival even comes with a downloadable app. This way guests can find their way to the correct destination, check the current schedule and see the real time events unfolding with a digital program.  This may seem like excessive for a handful of films, but the guest list itself begs a visit as SCAD does not hold back in its line up of movie stars.


The 2018 festival will be attended by a handful of noteworthy honorees all receiving rewards for their work in cinema. First up is Emily Blunt. This Golden Globe winning actress has been performing terrific work on screen for years now and will once more appear on the silver screen in the upcoming remake of the Walt Disney classic in Mary Poppins Returns. With her ability to adapt to almost any role Emily has tackled a range of emotional subject matter in just the past few years. From her breakout role in comedy The Devil Wears Prada she has taken onboard action alongside Tom Cruise in Edge Of Tomorrow and in another time jumping sci-fi this time courtesy of The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson in Looper. Taking on even darker roles in the mysterious The Girl On The Train based on the bestselling novel and the gritty, all too real cartel, drug smuggling slow burner that was Sicario where Emily stood toe to toe as an FBI agent alongside tough men Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro. More recently however she has appeared in the tense horror thriller A Quiet Place alongside the festivals next guest John Krasinski.