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Savannah Music Festival – Part 2

Music Festival 2

Kicking of its 30th season that begins in March 2019, the Savannah Music Festival is eager to get some of its artists on the stage and doing what they do best. On the 9th of November the live music arm of the SMF launches a concert in Savannahs Lucas Theatre. Perfectly in time to celebrate the first album in 30 years, the hit singer/songwriter and producer William Bell takes to the stage. Renowned for his 1961 record ‘You Don’t Miss Your Water’ and maybe even more so for his writing work on Albert King’s famed ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’, this legend of soul comes to show that he still has what is takes to stir up emotions through his performance. Now in his late 70’s the recent Grammy Award winner will be exposing more ears to the tracks of his impressive comeback album ‘This Is Where I Live’. This is an unmissable for fans of the blues and indeed Americana, especially those who would like to stand in the same room as a man who was at the cusp of soul music when it first came into popularity decades ago.

As if to highlight the age range of the more than capable individuals the SMF is in cahoots with, joining Mister Bell on stage later this year is 22 year old Jontavious Willis. This up and coming guitar player and vocalist is making waves on the internet with his ability, though young, to bring an authentic blues tone to his songs. Skilled at both picking and constructing songs that centre around the subject matter of typical southern Americana, this fresh-faced bluesman has a bright and long future ahead of him. For those who find themselves bawling at the troublesome tales of the average blues player, they will find a great relief in some of the more light-hearted escapades detailed in the head bopping songs of Jontavious Willis such as the tongue in cheek promiscuity in ‘tip toe’. Attendees will be thrilled as they enjoy the content of his debut album ‘Blue Metamorphosis’ which will no doubt garner appreciation from fans of the genre of all ages, as he puts his stamp on the rise of new and exciting blues scene.

Next year, once again the Savannah Music Festival will be buzzing with guests eager to absorb the carefully crafted and wholesome sounds that come with its impressive line up of talent. 2018’s concert was filled with names that include the Blind Boys of Alabama who most famously sung the opening theme to the original series of HBO’s The Wire. Also performing was well as Rosanne Cash with John Leventhal, who produced William Bell’s award-winning album. These and a whole host of other musicians that bring with them the auditory representations of their culture whether soul from down the road in greater Georgia, Nordic folk from Scandinavia or energetic classical piano from Korea – there will be something here for anyone who appreciates music. Whether you are visiting in time or from the area, don’t miss this wonderful celebration where your money goes to a great cause.