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Savannah Music Festival – Part 1

Music Festival

From 1989 onwards, the city of Savannah has been home to one of the most varied and celebrated music festivals in the country. Now a non profit organisation, the Savannah Music Festival encompasses not only its stellar live performances from worldwide talent but also centers its sights on music education. Here those who are musically inclined to the 500 world class musicians co exist in their adoration for genres such as jazz, folk, soul, chamber and more. The aim of this institute is multifaceted but essentially boils down to sharing and encouraging the love of great music. Using its global connections and supported by donations and volunteers this tireless collective of orchestral members, touring musicians and educators are set on making a solid foundation for the future of music and beyond, all from its base in Savannah. Although its name may conjure up ideas of fields covered in crowds of people ready to party, the name is simply a banner for a much larger venture that extends beyond Georgia.


With a mission that is dedicated to continuing excellence in music for years to come SMF uses its many educational outlets to engage and inspire future performers. With its acoustic music seminars that are held in April, industry artists come to meet with budding musicians for a week of educational creativity. Whereas Swing Central Jazz is a tighter 3-day workshop that also adds a competitive element to its teaching palette. Here composer and educator Marcus Roberts leads the way in instructing a big band jazz outfit from players learning to gain some new tips and gain a new edge on their playing. A more long-term effort of theirs is called Musical Explorers which works to connect younger students with the music community all around them. This program reaches over 10,000 children who learn to discover the world through music. Learning songs from a range of cultures that incorporate lessons about diversity as well as teaching them history, maths and more, this ongoing effort assures there will be plenty more musicians to play on the main stage at the live shows for years to come.

With so much talent and knowledge it makes sense that the Savannah Music Festival has a more regular outlet for its work than just the programs and annual concerts. This is the purpose of SMF Live which is a radio show broadcast weekly where musicians from around the world come to showcase their unquestionable skills. This show gives those who are not able to attend the annual concerts a taste of what can be expect as far as the quality of the lineup and the immense diversity in genre. Broadening the ideas and inspirations of its listeners, SMF Live does what the name does best in bringing versatile, emotional and timeless sounds to all who care to listen. Broadcast state wide this show that has been a stage for artists such as Yekwon Sunwoo, Stuart Goodyear and The Boxcars is also available to stream online at sites such as Soundcloud.