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Savannah Comedy – Part 2


If one set of weekly improv sessions isn’t enough well Savannah has another outlet for eager fans of off the cuff humour. The Odd Lot improv group also offer frequent comedy that is ever changing. This decade long venture into all things silly has been voted Savannah’s best comedy team for the past five years. With a bunch of talented performers and musicians under their belt this group has gone on to put their signature take on short films and musicals.

Fresh Faces

If you are up for seeing the variation in new comedic talent then head over to the Savannah Comedy Revue. Here an annual contest for new acts commences, in a quest to find the future stars of comedy. Supported by Americas Got Talent and Comedy Central itself the line up here promises to be a fantastic breed of unsung jokers ready to lay down their best jokes. With a $1000 worth of prizes for contestants, why not stop by and see those take their first step.

The venues of Savannah also offer Comedy Planet which is a monthly stand up series that features touring comics from around the country who stop off in the south to drop their content on new audiences. The October session will have two great acts in attendance in the form of Andrew George and Devon Gollinge. George is a petite Georgia native who makes up in laughs what he lacks in height. His charming demeanor can quickly change to that of an angered gentleman when he cruises through the topics that upset him in his act. Devon Gollinge is another young face on the comedy scene who’s subject matter moves from mundane to adult quickly. He draws listeners in as he explains the monotony that was his life as he spent his youth addicted to video games such as World as Warcraft, then rapidly moves to explain in detail how his few adventures in the bedroom have gone down. These two however are just some of the many acts available on the night that will be cracking up crowds over at the Wormhole Bar.

Unforgettable Tour

And for something a little different why not join a pair of Front Porch improv alums as they take you on a one of a kind tour of the city. Savannah for Morons: Comedy Trolley Tour is a unique tour ride that takes visitors around the many sights available in Savannah, but this particular tour comes with two hosts unlike any guided tour you have ever been on before. The Moron Twins Danny and Johnny will accompany you and the bus full of guests as they provide their own bizarre and joke filled commentary to the sightseeing. Previously both comedians and tour guides, there is no pair more fitting for the task as they give a 90 minute historically accurate trip that comes equipped with props, gags and lesser known stories from the area, all delivered in the funniest way possible. There has never been a better way to get lung full of laughs and whistle-stop tour of the area all in one go.