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Savannah Comedy – Part 1

If you are planning on visiting savannah soon but aren’t too amped about the history or the doom and gloom that comes along with it, this culturally on the ball city also has plenty in store on the comedy front too. With a comedy festival heading for January, the city is not shy about making people laugh. But those who can’t wait until then have an array of outlets to go let their hair down and let their laughs out.

Big E

November 23rd is Black Friday, but why not ease of from the consumerism and bone crushing crowds by relaxing and laughing at other people instead. At the doubles night club you can laugh your socks off at a pair of comedians skilled with making all things silly. One of the people taking centre stage will be Savannah’s home grown star Big E. Now known for his appearances on BET’s Comic View, BET has been making audiences howl since the late 90’s. His energetic and hilariously expressive performances will have guests bowling over as he shares his opinion on the psychology of relationships.

Nick Hoff

On Tybee Island Collin Moulton’s comedy club continues its streak with more acclaimed acts as we reach the end of October. Featuring this time on the monthly comedy effort is rising star Nick Hoff. Funny Nebraskan Hoff has recently finished a huge tour and is working his way up in the comedy circuit. After making appearances on MTV shows and taking part in big comedy tours such as the Pink Ribbon and the Walk Of Shame Nick is one to look out for, and those in Georgia around Halloween can get in on the giggles before he blows up even more.


Stand up is a fantastic way to take in some amazing observational comedy, but there is something to be said for comedians who can be funny immediately. Adapting to the whims of the audiences and the organic nonsense that occurs during their scenes the Front Porch Improv group make for an impressive and rib tickling watch. If you have never been to one their shows before you are in for a treat, unlike the pre written sets that stand ups perform night after night – despite how funny they are – at improv shows this group of talented spontaneous comedians create a ridiculous narrative from prompts, hints and suggestions. This rotating troupe performs weekly so whenever you are near by you can catch a show, on their schedule now is an upcoming variety show at the end of October and an All Stars night on November 3rd. The latter includes a cast that have put in time with the best improvised comedy groups in the country including Second City, The Groundlings and Theatre 99. Stop by here to see unforgettable characters, out of this world scenes and watch the masters at work as they make the most obscene suggestions become plausible in the funniest way possible. Those who are staying longer can return to multiple shows because the magic of improv is that no two shows are ever the same.