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Savannah Black Heritage Festival

Jazz Concert

The history of a town like Savannah is one that will be forever intertwined with the lives of the black community. So many of its historic buildings have the echoes of what life was like for black people in earlier America. From segregated areas to inhumane slave quarters the horrors of the past still linger today however the black community has come a long way since the more openly racially oppressive days of old. Today the people of Savannah stand by each other regardless of skin colour but the feats of the past and the triumphs that led to today need to be kept in peoples minds, this is why The Savannah Black Heritage Festival happens each year. Now lasting around three weeks, the committee here organise a series of events that bring the information and celebration of Black culture to the town.

Since its very first event back in August of 1988, the Savannah Black Heritage Festival has continued to work in and outside of the community to find great influence for onlookers during its on season. This event covers Savannah as the many different parts of the festival take place all over the town, appearing in spots such as museums. Libraries, art centers and open spaces. It’s a fantastic and multifaceted experience that will have a bit of everything for all ages, with its overall message being truly important and inspirational brought to you by a host of talented African American individuals.

Festival Music

There will be plenty of great sounds to hear during the festival such as Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise. This gospel concert will bring lively and uplifting songs of joy and worship to the ears of listeners. There is also the Future of Jazz Concert which will give an opportunity for the young vocalists and instrumentalists to play some upbeat improvised sounds. For those who aren’t into gospel or jazz, you may want to check out the unconventional Sons of Mystro. This group of youthful violinists who are all trained classically put a modern spin on their strings as they perform pop, reggae and other well known songs alongside their DJ.



Festival Entertainment

If music alone doesn’t draw you in there will also be much to see during February such as an evening of dance brought to you by the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble. Later on there is the Bright Star Children’s Touring Theatre who will be performing a pair of productions that chart the key points in black history. Film lovers will also find many lesser known features available such as ‘In Tune, The Ben Tucker Story’ which chronicles the talent and leadership of the jazz legend as well as focusing on Savannah’s own jazz filled past. Finally, ‘This Joint is Jumpin’ is a tribute to black Broadway musicals and serves as a lively bombastic finale to the month of festivities. With art exhibits, workshops as well as ceremonial gatherings there is an abundance of events here and the best part is that all the main features are completely free of charge.