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Pulse Art + Technology Festival – Part 2

Nintendo Switch

Japan made games aren’t the only ones that are going to dazzle visitors at the Pulse Art + Technology festival. Although a great deal of fantastic video game franchises have been spawned from the east, those hoping for something more local are going to be delighted. The Savannah video game showcase is perfect for showing not just the capabilities of the industry on a smaller scale but also the talents of creators right in the town itself.

Curious visitors especially those who are musically inclined will instantly flock to Rasguego. This game which means strum in Spanish makes sense when you see the interface. Doing away with normal control pads or even the joystick and showing how players can engage with technology in new ways is key here. By colour coding the strings and making players physically use the controls in the same way they would a guitar this clever combo of symbolism and audio is as fun as it is challenging.

From developers Halseo comes Battery Jam, which will instantly appeal to anyone who enjoys modern competitive gaming. The game works in a similar way to bomberman thanks to its top down view and use of puzzles. The graphics here are very up to date and the gameplay requires players to be risky and tenacious in order to get the other hand. If you come to Savannah and enjoy this game you will be glad to know it is available on Steam as well as on Nintendo Switch consoles.

From SCAD right down the street comes a very different type of game which clearly follows the style of Keita Takahashi in that it really isn’t something we’ve seen before. Unlike most games where you take control of a hero character in the shape of a creature or a gun toting marine in Palm Dreams you play as a tree, yes a tree. Becoming a palm tree isn’t as easy as it looks either as you spend a lot of time dodging enemy projectiles by bending your flexible trunk. And although most trees are static, here you will be able to navigate the map by flinging your coconuts in order to spawn in new locations. This fun and silly game shows just how easy it is to break convention and still have something worth playing, all straight from Savannah itself.


Once the games on display (which include even more titles than those mentioned) have worn you out its time for somebody else to do the playing, namely the one band who aptly goes by the pseudonym That1guy. This genius and multi-instrumentalist comes to show the plethora of styles and sounds he has constructed by playing his custom made instrument. Mixing genres from hip hop to blues to straight up electronics, this zany guy taps, twangs and pulls at his homemade contraption to make fantastically memorable songs. With several albums under his belt That1guy is not new to the music scene and is as much of a musical innovator as he is a performer. Its well worth seeing what this impressive mix of technology and musicianship can create. This and even more are all to be marveled at during this Festival of modern equipment in downtown Savannah.