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Activities to do in Savannah

Activities to do in Savannah

Gardens and Wildlife

There are several outdoor activities that you can do if you are in Savannah, Georgia. You can for instance visit the Savannah Botanical Gardens where you can walk around and explore the beautiful plants they have or do some birdwatching. The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is definitely worth a visit if you are an avid nature lover. This 30,000-hectare park is the largest refuge in Georgia. It has a visitor’s center, cypress swamp and numerous trails that you can walk. This refuge would be very good for general wildlife viewing and especially for viewing birds, with more than 250 species of birds having been recorded here.

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park

The many areas of water also make this the perfect place to see aquatic animals. Some of the hiking trails can also be biked on. Hunting of deer and waterfowl is allowed at certain times of the year in specific regions of the refuge. The refuge also allows fishing in the impoundments found in the refuge. Oatland Wildlife Center of Savannah offers various activities, including summer camps for kids. They have exhibits of animals such as deer, bison, wolf and alligators that you can view. This would be a great outdoor activity if you have kids that want to learn about animals and see some of them up close.

Parks in the City

Savannah has several parks that you can visit within the city itself. Though not as large as the wildlife refuge, these sites are nice green belts situated in and around the city. You can actually have picnic in these areas and in the many city squares that are usually surrounded by greenery. One of the best parks to have a picnic in is Forsyth Park which has many oak trees, covered in Spanish moss, making for a very pretty area. If you enjoy playing golf then you can visit the Savannah Quarters Golf Club which offers activities for various ages.



Beach and Water Activities

Savannah’s beach is known as Tybee Island and is located at the mouth of the Savannah River. There many possible activities at Tybee island, including boat charters and tours to go out to see dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean. Kayaks and paddle boards can be rented here as well. There are also guided paddleboat tours that you can sign up for. You can even swim or fish in the ocean.

There are boat tours up and down the Savannah River, into the marshes and creeks that you can go on, as well as several sunset tours off Tybee Island. You can charter boats and yachts at Tybee Island. Boats charters allow individuals and groups of various sizes to book, and they often travel out to the barrier islands.


Whatever your interests may be there is sure to be an outdoor activity that is suited just for you in Savannah. You can organize picnic in parks, ride your bike in a wildlife refuge, go bird watching, take a boat ride to see dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean, or go fishing. There is a great deal to do outdoors in Savannah, Georgia.