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Old School Eats – Part 1

Old School Eats

Just like many trends in art and culture, things are cyclical, and in the age where so many ideas surrounding food are digging into the past in order to make more informed decisions about future meals (See the Paleo diet) it is no surprise that we are seeing a resurgence of the past. Even more so in a place like Savannah where history is tied inseparably to every cobble stone and every brick in each building, gazing into what once was is an everyday part of life here. with that said, the basic and rationed meals of yesteryear may not make for a great restaurant idea, but luckily many new establishments are finding an ideal middle ground. With old school recipes and timeless dishes mixed in with modern preferences and creativity, this handful of establishments are making old new in the tastiest of ways.

Straight off the bat the team here are eager to portray an environment and a selection of foods from a time gone by. Back In The Day Bakery’s vintage décor in here brings across their statement instantly thanks to their wooden furniture, low lights and distressed pin up posters, but its not seats you are going to come out here for. Their menu which combines the best in handmade savoury and sweet treats is mouth watering, beginning with their biscuits which are renowned for their perfect texture and customisable contents. Grab a classic buttermilk one or try a spicy jalapeno variation, then its up to you to add your meats (like applewood smoked bacon), egg, cheese, and several sauces including pepper jelly. Their range of sandwiches include curry chicken, pimento cheese or tomato and mozzarella for a pizza style snack. Last but not least a vast range of sugary goodness awaits the sweet tooths who enter here, as their daily selection of goodies are baked in house and delightfully fresh. Birthday cupcakes, espresso pies, whole-wheat brownies and Mexican chocolate cookies will have you in a state of indecision for ages along with old fashioned options like vanilla and chocolate chip for those keeping things classical. All of this can be washed down with a tea or even some buttermilk to take you back to the dairy heyday.



There is nothing new about the old faithful Barbeque. You’ve got to think that the early man who discovered fire and then learned how to cook first used a method of barbequing thousands of years ago, and at B’s they are here to remind us that the old methods are just as good today. Rated in the top 50 BBQ locations in the entire south, B’s Cracklin Barbeque is unmissable for anyone who likes meat, crispy burnt edges or a taste of the past. Unfortunately, due to a fire that got out of control, the original location was set ablaze, but B’s is back in Savannah with all the pit smoked goodness they were renowned for. Here they keep it simple, pick your meat and wait to eat, from chicken, ribs, to brisket nothing here will shock you, but as the old saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.