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Meet with The Local Wildlife

Meet with The Local Wildlife

As you stroll through the many large buildings and districts in Savannah you may not be thinking about the wildlife here apart from the birds in the blue sky and the fish on your plate. Though it is widely known for its history and very human developments, Georgia and indeed the south has a very specific set of animals thanks to its heat, proximity to water and of course the often-swampy habitats. Anyone interested in seeing what kind of beasts big or small that are familiar to the area will no doubt want to take a trip to the zoo here.

The Sanctuary Re-opens

Situated at the Oatland Island Wildlife Sanctuary, the Savannah Zoo operates an indoor and outdoor experience for guests that houses and cares for the animals here. Unfortunately, due to a recent drastic weather phenomenon (namely a tornado) that passed over the island, lots of events have had to be cancelled as the staff have been tirelessly repairing the damage to the event areas, trails and animal habitats. Luckily they now have everything back to normal and are celebrating by having a special re-opening in January where live music, crafts and food trucks will accompany all the delights the zoo has to offer for free.

The Animals

Of course, what everyone wants to know is what animals can they expect to get close to here, kids and adults will both enjoy the petite but fun variety on display here. Starting with the more domesticated ones that make up the Georgia Farm section, you can pet some trotting goats and sheep, snort at some pigs, stroke rabbits and chase chickens. If you prefer all things scaly you will enjoy their winding indigo snake, their patterned tiger salamander and will no doubt enjoy dropping by to say hello to the friendly gopher tortoises. The king of scales and the treacherous terror of the south is also here, the American alligator can be spotted in the enclosure here without you having to wade through any scary swamp waters.

Several predators from the region are featured here showing just how diverse the Georgia wildlife can be as you will be in touching distance of both wolves and several species of big cat. Powerful cougars and rapid bobcats both have their own enclosures here, as does the sneaky red fox. And if that isn’t enough a selection of birds of prey also take flight on the island featuring the red-tailed hawk, the great horned owl and the all American bald eagle. All these and more make up the bunch of varied animals all cared for lovingly by the staff.

Red Fox

Red Fox

A Takeaway

Along with educational programs, helpful guides and the experience of coming up close to the regions most dangerous animals there is even more you can leave with. The gift shop is stacked full of local delicacies such as Savannah honey, accompanying books for further reading and several souvenirs. But you may want think about sponsoring one of the animals here, this way you can support the sanctuary and meet with whichever species you choose to fund. All in all the Savannah Zoo is a fun, few hours away from the hubbub of the city that is sure to keep any animal lover satiated.