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Holly Days Are Here – Part 2

Holly Days Are Here 2

Miracle on Bay Street

This is one for the adults. If you haven’t visited Savannah’s Pacci Italian kitchen and bar already then you won’t want to miss out on their tasty European delights. This premium location uses the freshest ingredients to create culinary wonders that include plates full of colour and flavour. The other great thing about Pacci’s is that they are available to eradicate your hunger and thrill your taste buds no matter what time of day, breakfast, lunch dinner and later options are all available all with their own menus. But since we are in the season of festivities, the crew here have something very special in store for those perusing the streets of Savannah in the winter time. Their pop up cocktail bar promises to bring cheer to all who stop in and it is their personal mission to make sure that all leave very merry indeed. The drinks available here are all delightfully themed around the holidays and are sure to mix in some relevant flavours. Expect winter warming spices to enter your glass in their selection of 12 festive specials that include the Snowball Old-Fashioned, Bad Santa, Jingle Balls Nog and stronger drinks that will leave more than just your nose red. If you are planning to stop by, pop in at ‘miracle hour’ (starting at 5pm) to get 10% off all the holiday cocktails.

Savannah’s 18th Annual Gingerbread Competition

If drinking is not really your thing is but eating is, then, you may have to continue looking because at this Gingerbread Competition is all about keeping every house intact. Starting in November and remaining until the end of the year this assessment of skill, design and self-restraint comes to town again thanks to the Savannah Harbor Foundation and this year they have stepped things up a notch. With four different categories starting with child, teen, youth and finally a separate adult one the prizes for top ranking bakers ranges from $50 to a sizeable $1000, which will make anybody’s Christmas better. Not only is the prize money healthier this year but the judges on the board are a little more up market too. Celebrity confectioner Chef Ron Ben Isreal is on the board who many reality fans may recognise from the Food Network’s Sweet Genius. Also, from North Carolina comes Swank Cake Design co-founder Wayne Steinkopf as well as WWE Extreme Cake Challenge runner up Dianna Tornow who also owns her own cake store.  But these aren’t the only people who will be judging your biscuit creation, as all entries will be on display in savannah for all the public to see! So, if you aren’t taking part in the competition you can come and marvel at the cinnamon architecture, the iced roofing and the chocolate details in person as they can be seen in their full glory at the Westin or even downtown. Get ready to whet your appetite as you spy the lavish coatings of fondant and stacks of candy tiles that all go into creating a treat so tasty that you’ll see exactly where Hansel and Gretel went wrong.