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Holly Days Are Here – Part 1

Holly Days Are Here

The festive season is upon us and so are the many events that bring joy to those young and old. In Savannah the atmosphere of caring and sharing is just as amplified as the longer night times are filled with the sparkling lights wrapped around the bare city trees, bridges and archways of the town. For those of you looking for things to do in order to get yourself into the Christmas spirit you aren’t out of options in Savannah. Whether you have little ones who need entertaining or you are with a cluster of adults who are planning on getting merry, this old city has plenty of traditional and new ideas.

Holidays on the Big Screen

This outdoor cinema event is for all the family. Outdoors however means you may get a little chilly, but this is a perfect opportunity to get all cozy with your loved ones. Guests are encouraged to bring their own chairs as well as blankets, wrap up in warm clothes and even wear their fluffy slippers if they want to feel completely comfortable. There is no better time to grab a hot chocolate or a wintry takeaway coffee from one of the towns may cafes, and let the hot sweetness warm you up as you sit back and giggle at the show. The two-hour long event kicks off at 6PM on the 22nd in Ellis Square with the featured film yet to be announced, but what is Christmas without a little surprise.

Here We Come A Caroling

The stores on Broughton Street will already be bustling with shoppers trying to grab the best deals and help Santa complete his lengthy Christmas lists. But its not all manic consumerism at this time of year because several different choirs from the area are here to make you feel better. Dressed in some classic and hilariously tasteless Christmas sweaters and accompanied by some costumed friends, vocalists of all ages will be caroling as you shop. Filling the air with harmonized versions of everything from Carol of the Bells to Jingle Bells (which was written right here in Savannah don’t you know) make sure you bring some change for those providing the delightful sounds of the Christmas Season.

City Market Holiday Open House

This part of Savannah looks very different during the Winter months, gone are the overlapping leaves that provide the well needed shade of the summer, instead hundreds of bundles of warm white lights fill the area. The open area here that stretches for two blocks is now full of carolers, candy canes, and red and green foliage not to mention the families in coats and scarves wandering to and fro. This is a great place to come and spend a little money during December as a host of independent little stores has plenty of unique gift ideas. Amongst the holiday air here you will find many a treat, under the starry sky and fairy lights and keen observers may even spot the man in red himself as he makes his appearance.