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Great Ways to Eat Flounder


One of the best ways of conserving our fish in the oceans is to eat what is sustainable. This means that we have to look at new species of fish that perhaps we have overlooked in the past. Some of these fish are absolutely delicious and the only reason they are discarded in stores are that they are not fashionable. Flounder is one such fish, it is a flat fish that scuttles along on the ocean floor in a very peculiar manner. Flounder may not be the most attractive fish in the sea, and perhaps that is the problem, especially with both its eyes being on the same side of its head.

But there are places in the world that love this fish, and in America around Georgia and Carolina the locals simply cannot get enough of it. So much so that many swanky restaurants regularly have flounder on their menus.

Filleting Flounder

If you really want quality fillets, then you must go and buy a whole flounder from a reputable seafood market. Then ask the fishmonger to fillet it for you, if you buy already filleted fish you just don’t know how fresh it is or when it was filleted. One you get home with your fillets, there is still work to do, this is to remove any short, fine bones around the spine area. This can easily be done with a pair of tweezers, then run your hand over the fillet to check you have gotten them all.

Breaded Flounder with Capers

One favorite way of cooking flounder is by breading the fillet and serving it with capers. The slightly salty and crispy taste of the caper buds complement the delicate fish perfectly. Obviously, a lemon should also be on hand for the finishing touches. The fillet is easily cooked in the oven and simply baked, treated this way the fish remains simple and the delicate flavors really come out. When the fillet comes out of the oven baste it with butter, season and squirt lemon liberally over the fish.

Flounder a la Meuniere

Meuniere is a really classic and impressive way to showcase your nice fillets of flounder. First of all, you will need two pans and start by clarifying some real good quality butter. Place a fillet in the foaming butter and fry just until the fillets are slightly browned, which should only take one or two minutes at the very most.

For a finishing touch when the fillets are resting on hot plates, clarify even more butter in a hot pan and pour it over the fish just before serving. The ubiquitous slices of lemon and fresh parsley should be served on the serving plates. Flounder is such a great fish to cook as there are many ways to cook it, it can be baked, boiled, pan fried, or even grilled. And all you need to accompany the fish are simple vegetables or perhaps a crispy salad and crusty bread. If you have never eaten flounder, then you are certainly missing out on a culinary pleasure.