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Georgia Café Chic – Part 2

Coffee Roasters

Rev Coffee Roasters – Smyrna

These guys are all about the beans. At Rev they are completely and utterly focused on the quality of the coffee they brew here. As their exterior with its metal paneling and angled wooden structures would indicate, this place is desirably modern in what they do. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they are ‘young and dumb’, growing and brewing is what they do best and if you are interested in recreating some of the divine brews they have here this is the place to enquire within. Keen to help future coffee enthusiasts get the beast out of each brew, Chemex brewers and filters are on sale here as are many opportunities to quiz the staff on what is the best practice.

They do offer food here too with mouth watering features such as bacon cheddar muffins and the recently famed Cuban sandwiches, those eating in won’t be upset. However the star of the show here is always what is in the cup, and with their selection of blends that originate from Kenya to Brazil there is a flavour for everyone.

Adios Café – Atlanta

The taste of Mexico is everywhere in the south and why not, the stunning flavours and impressive increase in heat makes for a change of pace that is welcome all year round. Adios however is not satisfied with adding simply a taste of Mexicana and instead opt for the full mouthful. Just stepping into the wonderfully themed setting of their establishment will be enough to think you have been whisked south of the border. With a multitude of sculptures and art pieces on display from over 500 different creators in Mexico, it’s hard not to feel like you have set foot in somewhere else entirely, and all of this before you set your eyes on the menu. Serving breakfast 7 days a week from 8am these guys will offer you a wake up call that you are yet to have experienced. Depending on how happy you are to plunge in you can select from the variations on classic dishes such as their Mexican Eggs Benedict which features Applewood smoked bacon, green chile hollandaise sauce and sits on a homemade masa cake.


Burritos, quesadillas, avocados and pico de gallo abounds here as you work your way through a selection of favourites that you can be assured will taste more genuine here than any place other than the homeland. On the hot drinks menu they also have some exciting variations ready for your tongue. The Café de olla promises traditional Mexican coffee spiced slightly with a little cinnamon and some cocoa for a warming chocolatley wake up. And if waking up is what you need their Mocha Tamarind should do the trick, this chocolate infused with sweet and tangy tamarind is given an extra punch thanks to a double espresso shot, sure to keep your eyes wide all afternoon. In fact all of the special drinks available here add a twist of heat in one form or another, whether you want your mocha Mayan or your chocolate Aztec, expect some chili at this beautiful, must visit location.