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Georgia Café Chic – Part 1

Georgia Café Chic

The Sentient Bean – Savannah

Expressing their ethos through not just their name but the way in which they conduct themselves, this coffee shop offers more than just a decent spot to get caffeinated. With their beans thoughtfully sourced through Fairtrade routes and reducing their environmental impact, the clear conscious of this place stretches much further than a simple pun. Ethics aside, the real test comes in the cup and the Sentient Bean has a solid and varied menu that offers great hot and cold options. Their drip coffee features a set of three single origin roasts that change daily so returning customers can try something new on each visit. With the bases covered as far as modern coffee outlets go, they also have a bunch of teas including a South American Yerba and a Roobios red tea in a latte that comes out just like an espresso.

Food-wise vegetarians are the key audience here as meat seems to be virtually absent from their offerings of tacos, paninis and sandwiches though cheese in many shapes and forms is abundant. Vegans do have many options here including their own breakfast tacos where egg is substituted with tofu, bowls of vegetables beans and nuts are also available, and for the more spontaneous a surprise daily special simply named Robert’s Vegan Entrée offers something fresh daily, completely Vegan and atop a salad. With all of this goodness Happy visitors will no doubt want to take away a souvenir featuring the store name on some of their branded merch.

Espresso 41 – Tifton

Wearing its rustic southern charm on its sleeves this café strolls with its head high, proud of its location and the crowd it attracts. This locally owned and operated endeavour believes that keeping things small and manageable means that customers get a better service, which anyone who has had their order made incorrectly at a chain will no doubt agree wholeheartedly with.

Their coffee menu is simple, and they like it that way. Ranging from an espresso to the reaches of the caramel macchiato, Espresso 41 isn’t trying to win any wards for the fanciest pseudo-hot-milkshake with the most ingredients. Highly praised on several guest rated platforms the beans and blends here are no doubt superior, so it may be worth simply sitting down with an unadulterated Americano. With all this said one thing on the menu stands out as an oddity, their Heisenberg will be the one that curious guests take onboard, which judging by their clientele may well come in a cup with a moustache on it.

With their entire menu able to fit on a single blackboard you can assume that maybe they aren’t as up to date as the ever-changing big city brands, but really what this means is that every item here is something they specialize in. Their quirkily named options such as their Monkey Wrench and their ’57 Chevy Burger are simple yet satisfying as their mantra of keeping things concise works throughout the entire restaurant. Visitors will be happy to sample the Georgia Peach smoothie or their fruity lemonades, whereas those returning will no doubt be working their way through the burger menu.