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Follow the Fox – Part 2

The Coffee Fox

This quick service outlet of the family offers a more rapid way to get your fix and your heat in. Proud of their pour over style coffee and their brand which has the fox plastered over all of its labels and several pieces of merchandise which they have available, its fair to say that the fox is definitely anchoring itself in Savannah. This modern café has everything a contemporary coffee-goer may need, whether that be an expertly made latte or a taste of something slightly different. Its horchata latte is no doubt going to be a fan favourite, who couldn’t love the delightfully warming combination of vanilla and cinnamon all wrapped up in sweetened milk? Milk alternatives are available for those who don’t dabble in dairy too. Also, on offer here are a selection of paninis and a selection of baked goods made fresh and in-house, once again with vegan options scattered amongst them. The style here sits right among competing café’s and yet the Coffee Fox seems several steps ahead as it offers craft beers, cheese boards and much more in its quirky environment.

The Fox and Fig

As you may have noticed with their previous offerings, the Foxy family are not shy about offering Vegan alternatives to their menu items which is fantastic for anyone avoiding animal products. In fact those on a plant based diet will know that traveling can become somewhat nightmarish when it comes to dining out, the safety of not knowing what ingredients are being used in the kitchen can give you a state of unease even when you try your best to specify your preference, well rest assured, the Fox And Fig is here to safe the day. This entirely Vegan friendly café starts by offering all its hot drinks with oat milk as standard. So, go nuts and grab a moccahino, a masala chai or their curious Vanilla-cashew-hemp coffee all without having to swap anything out. All of this before you take a look at their food selection which will no doubt get your mouth watering and eyes bulging knowing that everything is safe. Their eggless quiche sounds filling and inviting with organic tofu, caramelized onions, nutritional yeast and layered with the highly regarded Miyoko’s cheese.


Also available is their breakfast taco which contains sweet potato, blueberry-sage Sausage, bell pepper, with fresh herbs all wrapped into a corn tortilla. However, guests from out of the United States will be keen to try the big hitter on the food menu labeled the Fox Burger. This mix of arugula, caramelized onion and fruity agave-dijonon  a pretzel bun are all second to the celebrated Beyond Burger that has had Vegans and meat eaters everywhere puzzled by its authentic taste and unprecedented plant only quality. Continuing the indulgence into dessert the raw cashew cheesecake, almond butter cookies and their brownie sundae with house-made salted caramel will all have you filling your bellies until you become festively round. The Fox and Fig is a haven for Vegans but their menu is so beautifully crafted anyone can enjoy their drinks, treats and wines, this is somewhere that must be visited on a cold Savannah day.