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Follow the Fox – Part 1


Winter officially has its foot in the door. Lets face it there are going to be days when you are a little chilly, and although Savannah’s winters can be unpredictable (odd warm days do pop up throughout the season) one thing is sure, you aren’t going to want to be standing outside in the cold air all day, you want to be somewhere warm with a hot drink in your hand. So look no further than Savannahs local collection of Café’s where you can grab not only that coffee perk you need but also a selection of tasty eats to keep you satiated in the winter weather. What you may notice you are café hopping in Savannah you will notice a common theme occurring, foxes. This is because a handful of coffee shops here are owned by the Foxy family, this means you can count on the same quality and know that your money and taste buds are in safe hands.

Foxy Loxy Café


At Foxy Loxy, their coffee menu alone is above average, as they provide a superb mix of hot and cold caffeinated beverages with different levels of intensity and flavours. With all the standard drinks covered (such as your Café latte, teas, espressos and chais) you can work your way through their more interesting items such as their Espresso tonic which is a mixture of fever tree tonic water over ice with a powerful double shot of the threatening juggernaut espresso topped with some orange rind. This sparkling coffee hit with a slap of citrus is sure to wake anyone up. But of course in the cold you are going to want to stay toasty with their heated options, and nothing is more heated than their Mexican Mocha. This fiery blend combines the rich velvety warmth of dark chocolate with the sweetened spicy hug of cinnamon, finally adding a volcanic heat in the form of the Habanero chili. If you are feeling the cold, you may be needing some ice water after a taste of this one.

With you drinks certainly sorted, the food here will also keep you thoroughly heated as the main menu items here are Tex Mex options. Chipotle chicken, beef chorizo and vegetarian tacos are all here at prices so reasonable you may want to double up. Over in the bakery a symbol of Czech/Texas culture sits amongst their selection of muffins, brownies, cookies and more. Kolache is a pastry traditionally filled with sausage, cheese or even fruit, as its tasty casing is slightly sweet, this unique snack is one to try if you visit. Vegans will also have an outlet here too as plant-based options are often on the bakery selection as are alternatives to milk on their coffee menu. If that alone hasn’t warmed you up, on Saturdays the courtyard becomes a smoky sector as guests enjoy fire & wine. With smoke pits, smores, discounted wine and a selection of cheese boards, you can huddle round the flames with everyone else and enjoy a toasty treat too.