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Festive Feature – A Christmas Tradition

Festive Feature

That time of year is upon us, the time where bright lights fill the nights and children become excitable in anticipation of one delightful day, but if you aren’t in the mood there is a way to get yourself feeling jolly – A Christmas Tradition at the Savannah Theatre. For over ten years this ongoing annual festival extravaganza goes underway at Savannah’s iconic location of production. Speaking of traditional, the Savannah Theatre itself is America’s oldest theatre that runs today, so where better to take in the sights and sounds of the stage than somewhere with a rich and lengthy history such as this.


This particular Christmas show is unlike any other in that it encompasses so many different styles and features that audiences will love, bringing home the unquestionably warm feeling that fills us up in December. With a jam-packed cast of singers, dancers and costumed critters, this Christmas show will have you eager to join in on the classics as you count down the days until the 25th. It has something for all audiences as we see a beautifully illustrated telling of the nativity story. A proud Mary and Joseph receive visit from believers who have traveled far and wide to come and greet the newborn on this most celebratory of days, all the while traditional songs ring out in spectacular chorus. With exceptional Piano performances that accompany the impressive live band here, every scene is brought to live with a riveting musical score all the while the engaging performances bring focus to the reason we remember this day year after year.

After retelling the biblical story of the birth of Christ, the stage is set for complete and utter celebration. The hymns and humble songs that fill the air turn joyfully into popular carols as wise men turn to reindeer and the night sky of Bethlehem becomes filled with the white of snow. Duets, quartets and the whole band truly come to life as the magic of Saint Nick himself coats the lively stage. Expect to see many a reindeer as the crowd ignite at the huge dance numbers that take place. Kids will love the amount of playful faces that pop up in the background and weave their way into focus as the entire show bulges with bodies, running dancing and reaching out in song. Even Santa himself makes an appearance, the jolly fat man comes to share in the wonder of Christmas time and even gets involved in the frivolities that ensue. Snowmen, Reindeer and an entire cast of dancing Elves all have their place here as enormous stage wide can-cans provide laughter and energy that carries all the way through the show.

This exciting and unmissable display will take you on a visual and auditory ride through emotion filled gospel as provided by heartfelt choirs, to party time with louder than life characters and a concert of incredible musicians and vocalists. If you are looking to celebrate the festive season in any way, look no further than A Christmas Tradition, that promises to bring hope, joy and cheer to all who attend, young or old, human or elf.