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Fall Festivities – Part 1

Forsyth Park

Its fall and now the relentless Savannah heat is easing off. As the afternoon sun become more bearable and the humidity subsides and is replaced by a welcome breeze, more and more people flock here. But it isn’t just the temperate climate that brings people to Georgia’s historic hub, festivals and gatherings open up the city to accommodate everyone from pirate lovers to trumpet players.

Starting with Picnic in the Park, which contrary to the quaint and quiet name is actually the cities largest outdoor music event. Here thousands will make their way to Forsyth Park to enjoy the company of peers and the sounds of musicians from far and wide. Many of the players on stage will come from the area itself as school children and college students from city and further across Georgia are given the opportunity to perform in front of giant crowds. Among this group of locals is the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra who get to showcase their grand chamber music to all who attend.

If laying back in the park listening to violins and violas isn’t your cup of tea why not get aboard the moonlight Garden Ride. This popular active event encourages entire families to get on a bicycle and experience Savannah’s gorgeous classical architecture on mass as you cycle through the historic towns passing each moonlit neighbourhood. When you are all cycled out, riders will finish the night at the Grayson Stadium where they will be greeted with food, drink and a celebration of live music. Taking part in this event is not only an engaging and fun experience but also supports the improvements to Savannah’s biking community, encouraging more people to embark on a safer, eco-friendly form of transportation.

If you are thinking bicycles sound way too slow for your liking there is a much faster festival for those who appreciate things high octane. Make your way to the Savannah Speed Classic, this motor racing celebration brings thrills to ticket holders in the last week of October. Car lovers of all ages can find something to appease their curiosity here thanks to a selection of involving activities. More passive fans of speed can sit back and take in the breakneck speed of the races from the stands or even from the comfort of your own picnic blanket. But those of you who want to get right into the action can step things up, all ticket holders get pit access which brings you up close and personal with the rubber burning action. See the intricacy and speed of the pit teams as they help out by switching parts at crazy speeds. Those looking for an even more immersive experience can check out the other tickets available which include the coveted ride-in experience. Here you can get yourself a seat in the very cars that hit the tracks and get a first person perspective of how it feels to zoom around every corner and fly on every straight. Along with all the excitement are a selection of tasty food trucks to help you enjoy every part of this day out.