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Contemporary Art in Savannah – Part 2

Tybee Island.

Laney Contemporary Fine Art

On Mills B Lane Boulevard in Savannah is a truly modern gallery, leaving the styles and themes of the past to itself, inside the walls here those looking for something cutting edge will be delighted to find that such a historical city has such a contemporary outlet. Curated by Susan Laney, a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design who worked her way up through the gallery of late and great photographer and Savannah native Jack Leigh. Directing his Gallery for over a decade and now in charge of his legacy, this well accomplished expert in the field is now responsible for collaborating with the emerging artists she displays in her own gallery.

What You Can Expect?

The eclectic nature of the artists on display here will bring delight to anyone looking for variety as well as works that are in vogue. Unsurprisingly Jack Leigh’s work has a place here, so you can marvel at a series of beautifully shot monochrome photos that show off the south, with everything from the people in the city to the fisherman in the expansive waters. But then on the opposite side of the spectrum you have Menghan Qi a29 year old Chinese artist who works with broad and messy paints. Focusing on her own sensibilities by creating colourful images of faces that purvey a particular expression, often allowing the viewer to extract a clear set of emotions after some time.


Also, on display here are the creations of Professor Emerita Pamela Wiley who resides on Savannah’s Tybee Island. Formerly a teacher at SCAD, Pamela works with textiles in a way that brings a brand-new edge to the medium. Using multiple materials over the years she has successfully tried her hand at stitching, hand dyes and much more creating a body of work that has an incredible change of texture and is full of the most intricate patterns. Up close her incredibly well-crafted pieces could be mistaken for computer generated images as they feature so many overlapping and mind-boggling geometrical designs, only those attending the gallery will be able to witness first hand just how much effort her work has in it.

Similarly, Penny explores the way that fabrics behave but through an entirely different perspective. Blending digitally created designs with the space and weight of fabrics, Penny experiments with how we look at canvases. Creating visual illusions thanks to his skills and multiple degrees in artistic disciplines, his art will have you questioning what exactly you are looking at and how you are seeing it. With impossible cutaways to backgrounds that aren’t real and cascading repeated patterns seemingly falling forward, these are pieces you won’t want to miss.


Currently on display is Marcus Kenney’s ‘Look! I’m Over There’ exhibit which drastically mixes large tangible items into visually appealing displays, the content here is often refreshed. The work collected by Susan Lane is clearly by artists who are not only skilled but also have a great future ahead of them. With Savannah natives and others from around the globe, this is a wonderful place to get a taste of the groundbreaking abilities of artists of today.