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Classic Conscious Food in Georgia

1965 chevy truck

Home Grown GA

If the title of this diner doesn’t give away what their credos is about then I’m not sure what will. Home Grown wants to be that place that locals regularly attend and where tourists visit in an attempt to dine on something authentic. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of its founders Lisa, a former school teacher and Kevin a trained chef – Home Grown GA is now fitting to the image it adopted. From the décor alone, the feel of something humble and local is already at the dead center of your mind. The wood paneling, oversized old cartoon prints and classically distressed old time brand signage makes this place feel even more aged than it really is. With its looks aside, the menu here is what people come for, and if you are one that is overwhelmed by choice expect to spend your entire afternoon here.

Their famed brunch is the go-to on the list with a vast and hearty selection of eats which vary from the local catfish fillets and Shrimp Po’boy to favourites like chili cheese slaw dogs and simple but classic fried sandwiches. Making sure they don’t leave anyone out they have vegetarian options available in many sides and even have 100% Vegan sloppy joes on offer. With their own out back garden (where many of the vegetables are grown) that guests can wander through, this place is intent on using organic and locally produced ingredients.

Green Truck Neighbourhood Pub

Easily recognised by the unsurprisingly coloured 1965 Chevy Stepside out front, this quality conscious local eatery is fully devoted to making sure all of its ingredients big or small come from the best places. Founded and operated by couple Josh and Whitney, this multi award winning establishment has become a favourite amongst Georgia residents especially those of Savannah which is where it proudly calls home. Towing the line between quaintly classic and fashionably modern, everything from the furniture to the preparation brings across the feel that all that happens here is done with heart.

Much of their menu is painstakingly hand made in house including their burger patties, fries and even their family recipe pimento cheese. Their tasty selection of soups, sandwiches and burgers will offer something for every eater, carnivore or herbivore. If you aren’t partaking in their homemade Veggie pattie that happens to be entirely Vegan, you will be happy to know that their burger meat is the good grass-fed, hormone free stuff all from the Hunter Cattle Company close by. It’s so good quality in fact that they can offer their burgers bleu with little risk. Their drinks are also sourced so that they help out the little man, small American craft beer names are constantly rotated through their bar which features over 30 bottled beers having 6 on tap at any time. All of this great food and drink isn’t even the end of their bigger picture ideas as the place recycles what it can and composts what it can’t, here you can dine with a pretty clear conscious.