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Christmas Stories in Savannah

Charlie Brown Christmas

Black Nativity

Written by Author and activist Langston Hughes, this Broadway production that originally took to stage in 1961 is now on in Savannah. The show which clearly has diversity at the core is a retelling of the biblical story surrounding Christmas but unlike the many on screen versions that have cast Christian Bale, Robert Powell and Willem Dafoe in the role of the almighty incarnate, this show is comprised of an all black cast. But this isn’t the only variation to show, the music which contains well known hymns has also been given an injection of energy as many are performed gospel style, in a celebration of the baby born in a manger. The cast consists of over 160 vocalists who combine to make an incredible choir, ready to sing out all the songs you love in a show that looks familiar and yet notice
ably new all at the same time.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Appearing at Savannah Children’s Theatre this classic is one for the little ones, based around the holiday TV special that hit delighted audiences around the globe back in 1965, this tale of Christmas from the perspective of cartoon character Charlie Brown remains timeless. Despite the festivities and his neighbours delight in anticipation of Christmas, Charlie Brown is feeling down even downright depressed and can’t seem to get in to the Christmas spirit no matter what he does. His friend Lucy suggests he should direct a play, but even that doesn’t seem to go smoothly as the hapless titular character drags himself through annoying peers, consumerist acquaintances and his own inner conflictions to discover the true meaning of Christmas. This stage show is accompanied by all of the music that helped make the original show so iconic, its mix of jazz with classic Christmas carols sung by choirs help craft the tone of the show.
Quintessentially the style of creator Charles M. Schulz, this snow filled tale of finding cheer is bittersweet and full of wit and bulging with charm.


The Journey

Presented by compassion Christian church, this nativity experience is unlike any you have been part of before. This is nothing like the simple school productions you may have seen, instead expect to be fully immersed in the story of Jesus’ birth and the environment in which it took place. Converting a quarter mile of woodland into a living breathing Bethlehem, this display of sets and live actors promises to make you feel genuinely transported back into the past just in time to see the birth of Jesus. Expect to see a set of wise men following a guiding star and shepherds tending to their flock as you wander through the sights sounds and smells of a time thousands of years ago. Guests will be a part of the ongoing story as they interact with the Romans who will take their tax coins from them just as the laws of the time permitted. This fully interactive environment is an unmissable Christmas story that is perfect for parents wanting their little ones to actively learn the story behind Christmas.