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Best Seaside Restaurants in Savannah

Best Seaside Restaurants in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is known for amazing southern hospitality and for the great and delicious food. The city is striped by the rivers passing it, giving a true southern atmosphere and a great lively feel. The location is perfect for the seafood lovers and almost every restaurant has shrimps in the menu. The weather is very mild and dinner at a terrace is a thing you can do throughout the year. But the best dinner you can have is right near the water. We have selected some of the best seaside restaurants from Savannah in order to make every meal you take here truly special.

HITCH is one of the most famous restaurants. It can be quite crowded given the popularity of this place so we strongly advise you to make a reservation. The cuisine is American with a modern twist. You can also enjoy an amazing cocktail. The restaurant provides unique combination of liqueurs and you will definitely enjoy a Long Island at the water front. In Vino Veritas is a very chic location for wine lovers. The restaurant had an amazing selection of wines that can be enjoyed right at the water front. You can also taste from the home-made tapas and plates that will complement your wine tasting perfectly. The atmosphere and decor are very modern and chic. This place is perfect for a casual night with friends.


The Wyld Dock Bar is the perfect place for fish lovers. This restaurant is very fancy and the plating of the dishes is also amazing. The menu features traditional recipes that are reinterpreted by the chef and new and modern additions. You can enjoy your favorite wine right at the water front while tasting one of the best fish tapas in the region. The prices are reasonable for the location but given the popularity of the restaurant we advise you to make a reservation.

Huey’s on The River is the perfect spot for Southern cuisine lovers. The menu features pure Southern recipes and it is the perfect spot for breakfast. The Creole gastronomy is the perfect combination between all the cultures that existed in the South. The restaurant also features traditional American food. If you want to sip a cup of coffee in the morning this is the best place to go.


Chart House is the restaurant that has something to give to anybody. The menu features amazing traditional recipes, stakes and lots of seafood. The place also has happy hours that are perfect for going out with friends and family. It is situated right on the waterfront. This place reflects the spirit of Savannah and the Southern hospitality perfectly. The Olde Pink House is another great spot for traditional Southern cuisine. It is located right on the water front and it guarantees amazing views. The menu is a combination between old recipes and new additions that will make your mouth water. The staff is very friendly and you will definitely feel the Southern spirit and hospitality at this restaurant.