Where to Go Fishing?

  • For those now eager to attend, the Hollywood elite that make up the honorees list isn’t the only feature there that should not be missed, of course the line up of films makes the journey justified alone. On show in Savannah will be mix of genres from a range of[...]
  • John Krasinski is probably most well known for his appearance in the American adaptation of much-loved British sitcom The Office where he played the sarcastic but likeable Jim. In his most recent on screen venture he takes a step behind the camera in his directional debut A Quiet Place which[...]
  • The Savannah College of Art and Design, also known as SCAD is a remarkable non profit organisation. This university with its thousands of students from all over the globe come to enjoy its high quality and high success creative classes. With an astonishing 99% employment rate, those looking to head[...]
  • Festivals generally center around masses of people enjoying good food and loosening up with some alcoholic beverages. During November Savannah gets straight to the point of these celebratory essentials with the Food and Wine Festival. Presented by huge food brand Publix, this giant week long event is perfect for those[...]
  • Its fall and now the relentless Savannah heat is easing off. As the afternoon sun become more bearable and the humidity subsides and is replaced by a welcome breeze, more and more people flock here. But it isn’t just the temperate climate that brings people to Georgia’s historic hub, festivals[...]
  • Joining the line up of houses you wouldn’t want to be left alone in at night is the Owens-Thomas House. This building like many others serves as a relic, remaining intact and carrying through time the harrowing events of the past that Savannah is known for keeping fairly persevered. Unsurprisingly[...]
  • You only need to take one look at the city of Savannah to recognize that within its boundaries lies great history. The restored buildings of old and others that have remained generally intact fill the city streets with lavish decoration and great size. Anyone who travels around the city at[...]
  • Kicking of its 30th season that begins in March 2019, the Savannah Music Festival is eager to get some of its artists on the stage and doing what they do best. On the 9th of November the live music arm of the SMF launches a concert in Savannahs Lucas Theatre.[...]
  • From 1989 onwards, the city of Savannah has been home to one of the most varied and celebrated music festivals in the country. Now a non profit organisation, the Savannah Music Festival encompasses not only its stellar live performances from worldwide talent but also centers its sights on music education.[...]
  • There are many interesting places for tourists to visit in Savannah, Georgia. If you are interested in nature you have a few options. For instance, you could visit the Savannah Botanical Gardens or, if you want to visit a larger wildlife area, you can visit the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.[...]
  • Gardens and Wildlife There are several outdoor activities that you can do if you are in Savannah, Georgia. You can for instance visit the Savannah Botanical Gardens where you can walk around and explore the beautiful plants they have or do some birdwatching. The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is definitely[...]
  • There are many species of fish that can be caught in the waters in and around Savannah, Georgia. The variety of habitats that is available for fish mean that many different species of fish can be found and potentially caught while fishing. While at The Islands A popular destination for[...]
  • The large-scale fishing activities in Savannah resulted in its docking areas growing in popularity and of course as well in size and availability. At these docking stations various boat services are there for you such as yacht upholstery, boat varnishing, boat painting, re-canvassing, rigging services, and mobile marine services among[...]
  • Looking to explore sports fishing in Savannah? Well, you’re in the right place. We love the sport and want you to find the best possible charter services that suit your needs. Booking charters are expensive and to ease the process of searching for a credible charter company; we’ve done the[...]
  • Fishing is a favorite sport in the Savannah region, mainly because of the presence of numerous rivers and being just a couple of miles away from the Atlantic Ocean. With the city experiencing a mild climate, fishing fanatics enjoy fishing throughout the year. Among the most popular fish species include;[...]